Container Platform for Service Providers.

Open-Source turnkey platform enabling providers to launch a unique offering, without having to build anything

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Container orchestrator, with batteries included.

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Open Source

100% Open Source, with optional paid support.

Billing Engine

Metered billing built-in, with simple integration options.

White Labeled

Fully branded to your business, running on your hardware.

Resource Management

Create resource packages and create limits per-container.


Maximize your infrastructure with multi-tenancy.

Provisioning Engine

Full orchestrator, including custom image management.

Managed Applications

Marketplace. Use our existing library of popular applications to quickly launch an application marketplace.

Custom Applications. Build custom applications and create unique offerings to differentiate your business.

Container Platform

Developers. Powerful tools enabling developers complete control over their custom image pipeline.

Insights. Detailed logs and metrics to aid in troubleshooting and monitoring even the most simple single container application.

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