Simple, fair pricing.

Monthly packages with generous resources, and simple pricing for additional usage.

Startup License
$ $100 /mo

per controller

1 Region

1 Node

Email & Community Support

White Label

Provider License
$ $300 /mo

per controller

3 Regions

3 Nodes Included
(+$15, 9 Max)

Private Slack Support Channel

White Label

Enterprise License
$ $1,000 /mo

per controller

Unlimited Regions

9 Nodes Included
(+$10, Unlimited)

Private Slack Support Channel

White Label


Frequently asked questions.


Can I run ComputeStacks on my own servers?

Yes, Absolutely!

How many controllers do I need?

Generally you will only ever need a single controller. The only situation where multiple controllers might make sense is if you plan to resell hosted versions of ComputeStacks, or if you plan to give a single customer their own ComputeStacks environment.

Why don't you integrate with X?

We build integrations based on customer feedback, and our expectation of future demand. For unique integrations, we will generally recommend that our customers review our API documentation and our OAuth2 features. That has generally worked for custom use cases, however please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

What if I don't want to host ComputeStacks myself?

If you do not have your own infrastructure, and don't wish to manage the platform, we do offer a cloud version that is managed by us. Please contact us for more details.

Can I rebrand your web interface?

Yes, as part of your onboarding experience, we can work with you to reskin the web user interface.

I'm not a service provider, can I still use your product?

Yes, absolutely! We have customers that are using us in a non-standard environment, and we are happy to work with you.