Container platform,
optimized for Service Providers.



Automatically scale services both vertically, moving to a new resource package, and horizontally, adding new containers to an existing service. Additionally, we include controls that enable users to set limits on how much they spend.


With support for multiple notification services, ComputeStacks enables both end-users, and administrators, to receive important notifications. Currently we support Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Email, Matrix, and generic webhooks.

Resrouce Management

As a provider, you have full control over the resources allocated to a container. You have the ability to set: cpu, memory, swap, and disk IO constraints for every container. Additionally, you can define how much disk storage and bandwidth is included in each package, and what the overage price should be.

> $ wp plugin install wordpress-seo
Installing Yoast SEO
Downloading installation package ...
Unpacking the package...
Installing the plugin...
Plugin installed successfully.

Success:  Installed 1 of 1 plugins.

> $ wp plugin activate wordpress-seo
Plugin ’wordpress-seo’ activated.
Success:  Activated 1 of 1 plugins.

SSH & SFTP Access

Each project is given an SSH container (bastion), that allows direct access to all containers. Additionally, we mount all volumes and allow full access using SFTP to manage project data.

Featured tools include:
git, composer, npm, yarn, wp-cli, mysql, and psql.

Developer Friendly

Build Custom Images

Build, define, and publish your custom images within ComputeStacks. Easily integrate with your existing continuous integration platform.


Build and push your custom container image to either our included container registry, popular repositories such as: gitlab, github, google cloud, quay, and docker hub.


Using our powerful image editor, define complex multi-container applications with dependencies, and automatic configuration management.


Deploy your new image on ComputeStacks, either by creating a new project, or triggering a rebuild using our API or web interface.

Data Protection

Built in advanced
backup and restore.

Efficient and lightweight backup agent that enables granular control over how each container's volume is backed up.


Each volume is backed up separately, including separate frequency and retention.

Deduplication & Encrypted

Backups are deduplicated, compressed, and encrypted.


Special integration with MySQL & MariaDB that supports true point-in-time snapshots.

Developer Options

Trigger scripts in your container before and after backups and restores.