Billing Engine

Comprehensive billing engine with support for all common business models and pricing strategies.

Choose your preferred pricing model

Because every hosting business is unique, ComputeStacks supports a variety of pricing models. Pre-paid or post-paid, packages or metered, or a combination - you choose how to sell and bill containers.


Offer pre-configured packages for a simple monthly fee. Your customers can upgrade or downgrade to a different package.


Let your customer decide their mix between CPU, memory and disk resources and charge by the second, minute or hour.

Resource Pools

Offer a bundle of compute resources for a fixed monthly fee, in which your customer can create multiple containers.

Flexible billing features

  • Each container can include free storage, bandwidth and backups
  • You can charge for storage, bandwidth and backup overusage
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Pricing tiers: offer different pricing based on the quantity sold
  • Option to offer free trial period or period with discounted price
  • Billing API to frequently pull billing data to your system
  • Webhooks to push billing data to your system
  • Provision users through the API or using the built-in signup form
  • Single-Sign On (SSO) option available
  • WHMCS plugin available
  • Custom integration with other billing systems on request