Deployment Options

Install and run ComputeStacks wherever you like: on-premise or in the cloud, on bare metal, or virtual servers.

Choose where to run ComputeStacks

Whether you want to use the current infrastructure you own, or deploy on a new environment, ComputeStacks can be installed wherever you like. Not sure about what to choose? We can help and decide on the right direction for your business case.


Install and run ComputeStacks locally on servers in your datacenter.

In the cloud

Deploy ComputeStacks on infrastructure of your preferred cloud provider, or let us host it for you with our hosted option.

Bare-metal servers

The ComputeStacks container platform runs perfectly on dedicated servers.

Virtual servers

Almost any type of virtual server can be used to install ComputeStacks on.

Offer containers in one or multiple regions

ComputeStacks supports deployment in multiple regions, while having one central control panel. Start small by selling containers locally, and scale up to a global scale later on.

  • Support for regions & availability zones to manage a platform for any scale
  • 1 control panel to manage all your regions. Deploy once, add nodes as you grow
  • Each region can have multiple availability zones
  • Each availability zone can have multiple container hosts
  • Set different pricing and currency for each region
  • Option to offer private/dedicated environments for customers
  • Option to offer a special high-end or cheaper availability zone