ComputeStacks offers a complete solution for selling containerized applications.

End-user features

  • 1-click deploy of the most common web applications
  • SFTP & SSH access for every container
  • Easily add domains and SSL certificates
  • Let's Encrypt integration for free, & automated SSL
  • Private container registry & custom Docker images
  • Scale vertically and horizontally without downtime
  • Popular database management tools like phpMyAdmin
  • Create and restore snapshot backups for each container
  • API access

Features for providers

  • Highly available container hosts
  • Distributed load balancer with a floating IP address
  • Powerful and flexible billing and provisioning engine
  • Integrate using Single-Sign On or embed into your panel
  • Multi-region capability
  • Secure 2FA options including: OTP, YubiKey & U2F
  • Container image management
  • Admin API access