Offer Managed Applications

Use ComputeStacks as a building block to offer managed hosting, such as WordPress and Magento.

Extend your product portfolio through managed applications

The hosting market is highly competitive. Just offering shared and VPS hosting won't make a real difference. Start offering managed applications that differentiates you from competitors, increases your revenue, while offering a better customer experience.

Build high value managed hosting solutions with ComputeStacks

  • Create new product lines around managed applications, such as managed WordPress, Magento, redis, and ElasticSearch.
  • Create real value by offering advanced features specific to the application, rather then simply using an auto-installer
  • Offer difficult-to-install applications that would otherwise take time from your support team to help install
  • Built-in administrator tools to aid in building these managed applications
  • Offers new opportunities to target less-common, region specific, applications that may not be available on other cloud platforms
  • Offer not only vertical, but also horizontal, scaling for the application out-of-the-box
  • Make your managed hosting offering even more unique by adding or bundling custom plugins, themes, and other integrations that you like to offer.