Upsell for Shared Hosting

Increase your ARPU by selling more resources and applications to your shared hosting customers.

Enrich your shared hosting offering

Your shared hosting customers might need more resources, or run applications your server doesn't support. Don't loose these customers to competitors. Offer them an easy upsell to solve their problem, without the need to leave their hosting control panel, while you increase your ARPU.

ComputeStacks creates an upsell opportunity for shared hosting

  • Integrate into the customer's existing control panel
  • Remove a friction point to upsell existing customers by not requiring a login to a new control panel
  • Discovery of this new service is made easier by including ComputeStacks in your existing control panel
  • cPanel plugin for quick deployment to your existing shared hosting environment. Other control panel plugins will follow soon
  • Integrate the domain management of your existing shared platform and enable users to automatically point their domain to their containerized application
  • SSL management: Includes Let's Encrypt, but also supports custom SSL certificates
  • Customers who have out grown their shared environment can now upgrade in place. This reduces the possibility they will migrate their application to another provider